City Plan

What is the City Plan?

The City Plan will be the council's key planning document and will provide the overall strategic vision for the future of Brighton & Hove to 2030. It will set out how the council will respond to local priorities, meet the challenges of the future and identify the broad locations, scale and types of development needed together with the supporting infrastructure.

The draft plan:

  • Identifies broad locations for development and allocates strategic sites and employment sites.
  • Sets out the council’s strategic approach to housing, the economy, shopping and transport.
  • Sets a local housing target for the city to 2030 of 11,300 new homes
  • Sets clear policies that will guide planning decisions on planning applications on issues such as affordable housing provision, the protection of open space and ensuring new development is built to high standards of design and sustainability.
  • Sets out the infrastructure requirements for the city up to 2030 and indicates how these will be provided.
  • Indicates how the plan will be implemented and shows how progress will be monitored.

Current stage of the City Plan

Examination Hearings

Public hearings into the City Plan Part One were held between 22 October – 31 October 2013. The hearings were held at the Brighthelm Centre, North Road, Brighton. More details can be found on the Examination page.

Next Steps

Policy & Resources Committee 11 July was due to consider proposed changes (‘modifications’) to the City Plan made to address the soundness concerns raised by the Inspector in her initial conclusions letter (13 December). This item was deferred by the committee. The Council has written to the Inspector [68kb, PDF] to inform her of the situation, and seeking a short delay in the examination timetable to allow for further discussions on the proposed modifications. The Inspector has written in response [41kb, PDF].

In response to the Inspector’s Initial Conclusions the city council commissioned a detailed Urban Fringe Assessment. The Urban Fringe Assessment and other new and updated background studies can be found on the Examination Page, along with the Inspector's initial conclusions letter and other relevant correspondence.

The examination timetable set out below will be updated shortly.

Stage Date
Submission June 2013
Pre Hearing Meeting September 2013
Examination October 2013
Inspector's Initial Conclusions December 2013
Main Modifications Consultation July - September 2014

Our adopted Local Development Scheme (timetable for development plans) can also be viewed here.


Previous consultation stages of the City Plan Part One

Submission Stage - City Plan Part One - June 2013

The council submitted the City Plan Part One and its accompanying documents to the Secretary of State for independent examination in June 2013. View the notice of submission and availability of documents (PDF 30kb).

Further details are set out on the Submission City Plan page.

Publication Stage - Proposed Submission City Plan Part One - April 2013

The City Plan Part One was agreed at council on 31 January 2013 for formal publication prior to its submission to the Secretary of State for independent examination. The City Plan Part One and its supporting and background documents were published on Monday 25 February 2013 for a seven week period of consultation closing on 12 April 2013. Consultation at this staged was focused upon soundness of the document (see paragraph 182 of the National Planning Policy Framework). Please also note the City Plan Part One contained the Planning Inspectorate’s recommended ‘model policy’ for all new development plans, namely, SS1: Presumption in Favour of Sustainable Development and is based on standard wording.

Guidance notes were prepared to help with making representations:

Consultation ended on the Proposed Submission City Plan Part One on 12 April 2013. The council received comments from 85 respondents. The outcome of the consultation can be found in the Statement of Consultation 2013.

Draft City Plan Part One 2012

The eight week public consultation on the Draft City Plan Part One (PDF 3.38mb) ran from 28 June 2012 to 20 July 2012. Comments on the Draft City Plan Part One informed the final version of the City Plan. The Draft City Plan Part One was accompanied by Annexes (attachments) (PDF 559kb), these include:

  • Annexe 1 - Implementation and Monitoring Plan
  • Annexe 2 - Infrastructure and Delivery Plan
  • Annexe 3 - Housing Implementation Strategy

The draft City Plan was also accompanied by the following documents:

Sustainability Appraisal (PDF 1.84mb)
The aim of the City Plan is to deliver sustainable development of the city in accessible locations and to help create joined up and sustainable communities. The sustainability appraisal tests the extent to which the City Plan meets identified sustainable development principles. This is a separate independent document produced alongside the City Plan. It critically examines its objectives and options and tests them against the principles of sustainable development. As a result, the sustainability appraisal has led to a series of amendments to the City Plan policies. The Sustainability Appraisal is accompanied by the following maps: 

There is also a non technical summary of the Sustainability Appraisal (PDF 658kb) available. More information about sustainability appraisals can be found on the sustainability appraisal page

Statement of Consultation (PDF 2.64mb)
This sets out the consultation undertaken on the four Policy Options Papers and the officer responses and recommendations to these representations received.

Supporting Evidence Document (PDF 385kb)
This lists and provides a brief summary of key background studies, strategies and plans that have informed the formulation of policies within the City Plan.

Schedule of Changes to the Proposals Map (PDF 199kb)
This contains proposed changes to the Adopted Proposals Map which will be made when the City Plan Part One is adopted. It reflects the strategic allocations, employment sites as well as any new or amended designations detailed in the Draft City Plan Part One and is accompanied by the following maps:

The outcome of the consultation can be found in the Statement of Consultation 2012. The appendix to the submission City Plan report to Council sets outs the changes made to the plan in response to comments made during this stage.  

City Plan Policy Options consultation 2011

Consultation on four Policy Options Papers ran from 17 October to 2 December 2011.

The four Policy Options Papers set out the key policy changes that the City Plan would need to address and the options for taking them forward. The changes arose from new evidence and the changing national planning policy context. The papers set out a number of options considered available to address the issues along with the main advantages and disadvantages of each option. These options were subject to a Sustainability Appraisal (SA), a separate independent document, which critically examined the issues and options and tested them against the principles of sustainable development. This informed the council’s preferred options set out in the papers.

*Please note that paragraph 2.1 of the Student Housing Paper should read “Both Sussex University and the University of Brighton, and their students, make an important contribution to the economy of the city estimated at close to £1.1bn annually.” 

The outcome of this stage of consultation can be found in the 2011 Statement of Consultation

Background Studies

You can see supporting evidence for the City Plan and further Local Development Documents on our LDF Background Studies page.

City Plan Part Two

Work should commence on the City Plan Part Two in 2014.