Review of the Local List of Heritage Assets:

London Road Co-operative building

The council is currently carrying out a review of the Local List of Heritage Assets. This is a list of buildings, parks and gardens considered to be of special interest, because of their local historic, architectural, design or townscape value.

Local Listing is different to statutory listing.  It does not provide further legislative controls and does not affect when planning permission is required.  However, when planning permission is required, the 'special interest' of a locally listed asset will be taken into account.

A call for nominations was held in 2013.  Over 500 nominations have now been assessed against the approved selection criteria [pdf 30kb].  Summary lists of the draft results are available below:

The full assessment for each nomination is available below.  The assessments are listed alphabetically by street name.  Please click on the letter for the street in order to view the assessment.

A [pdf 684kb]  I [pdf 59kb] Q [pdf 447kb]
B [pdf 914kb] J [pdf 23kb] R [pdf 1.3mb]
C [pdf 2.3mb] K [pdf 1.2mb] S [pdf 3.8mb]
D [pdf 2.1mb] L [pdf 794kb] T [pdf 2mb]
E [pdf 718kb] M [pdf 2.4mb] U [pdf 1mb]
F [pdf 579kb] N [pdf 1.5kb] V [pdf 798kb]
G [pdf 1.5mb] O [pdf 2mb] W [pdf 3.3mb]
H [pdf 1.4mb] P [pdf 1.8mb] Y [pdf 181kb]

A number of thematic surveys have also been undertaken as part of the review:

Brighton Board Schools [pdf 114kb]    Street Lighting [pdf 1.1mb]
Letterboxes [pdf 108kb] Telephone Kiosks [pdf 225kb]

A draft Planning Advice Note (PAN) [pdf 230kb] has been produced to accompany the local list.  This gives further information on local listing, its implications and the process of review.

Comments are now invited on the draft local list and associated PAN.  New nominations cannot be accepted at this stage.  Assessments of previous nominations will be reconsidered if new evidence is provided to show how they do or do not meet the selection criteria.

In addition, you are invited to submit examples of letterboxes, street lighting and telephone kiosks which meet the specific criteria set out in the above thematic surveys.  These should be sent to the Heritage Team at the below email or postal address, and should include an exact location, short description and if possible a photograph.

Comments should be sent to or Heritage Team, Kings House, Grand Avenue, Hove, BN3 2LS.  The deadline for comments is 15th March 2015.  Any comments received will be considered in producing a final draft local list and PAN which will be reported to the council's Economic Development and Culture Committee for approval.