Skating, blading & scooting

Big icon of children playing on a scooter & a skateboard

Skate parks
Skateboarding is very popular in the city and there are some great skate parks that can be used to practice and hone skate boarding skills. Find out where skate parks are in the city.

The Level Skate Park
The Level is one of the oldest skate parks in the city.  With its varied street course and ramps, it has become popular with skateboarders, inline skaters and BMX riders alike. Get information on The Level Skate park redevelopment project and the design of the new facility.

Scooter training
Find out more about the free scooter safety training for children aged six to seven is available in local schools and the council installing scooter racks at schools in the city, or download a free Scootability poster, promoting safe scooting to display in your school.