Road safety engineering schemes


Proposals for improvements to the junction of Goldstone Villas/ Eaton Villas/ Clarendon Villas

Over the previous three years there have been a number of collisions that have occurred at the above junction, usually when vehicles are turning.

Brighton and Hove City Council would like to construct a mini roundabout which we believe will help to reduce collisions.

The improvements will also make it easier for pedestrians using the junction, as additional extensions to the pavements on the corners will improve the view of approaching traffic, and also act to reduce speeds of traffic on Goldstone Villas. Work will also include dropped kerbs for buggies and wheelchairs and tactile paving for the visually impaired.

The Council has now identified its priority locations for pedestrian crossing points as part of its annual pedestrian crossing assessments. Goldstone Villas/ Clarendon Road (including Ethel Street) has been identified as one of the priorities and planned improvements are due to commence in February. For more information see the following webpage  /index.cfm?request=c1262195

We will refresh the existing double yellow lines on all four roads of the junction to ensure that visibility remains clear, and parking will not be reduced in the area.

A consultation on the scheme was held in December.  Of those responding 78% were in favour of it. 


School keep clear markings   

Brighton & Hove City Council is committed to improving safety, especially for children. That is why the issue of children being subjected to unnecessary hazards outside their schools, with inconsiderate and dangerous parking on the school keep clear markings, concerns the city council.

As part of the council's commitment to child safety a 'No Stopping' order applies to all school keep clear markings across the city. Therefore the markings are legally enforceable. This means that if you stop or park on the school keep clear markings you could be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice of £70.

Traffic calming

Traffic calming measures are used to slow the speed of the traffic, and make the environment safer for pedestrians and other road users. All traffic calming schemes undergo a consultation procedure prior to implementation; this involves statutory bodies such as the emergency services, Councillors, bus operators, the public and other interested organisations.

In Brighton & Hove traffic calming measures are considered as part of the Safer Routes to School scheme and as safety measures in locations where accident problems have been identified. Download further information on traffic management schemes[PDF 184 kb].

For further information about road safety engineering schemes in Brighton & Hove or if you have any concerns about road safety issues in a particular location, please email or complete the following traffic scheme form.