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Use our journey planner, get real time bus & rail information. JourneyOn is a portal for transport information in the city and provides information on all modes of transport, including cycling, walking, public transport and driving.

Personalised travel plans
Personalised Travel Plans are designed to support residents in choosing more sustainable and healthy ways of travelling around the city. Found out about this year’s Personalised Travel Planning Project; and how you can get involved if you live in or areas adjacent to Lewes Road.

Commuter travel plans
A Commuter Travel Plan is a set of measures that can help promote sustainable transport within an organisation. Find how Brighton & Hove City Council is working with employers across the city through the Workplace Travel Plan Partnership.

Staff travel plans
Get information about Brighton & Hove City Council's Staff Travel Plan which is designed to support staff in choosing more sustainable and healthy ways of travelling, both to and from work and within the working day.