Improving the Brighton Station area

Artist's illustrations of possible enhancements to Brighton Station

The final phase

Work has now begun on the final phase of the scheme to redevelop and improve the area around Brighton Station. This phase will focus on the area immediately in front of the station.

Over the coming months we will:

  • re-pave the entire area using high-quality UK-sourced stone
  • install new lighting
  • provide improved bus stop facilities
  • improve the seating, greenery and street furniture.

Road closures

During the works, southbound traffic on Terminus Road will not be permitted south of Trafalgar Street and Guildford Road.

Project completion date

The project is scheduled to finish in Summer 2015.     

The Brighton Station scheme

The Brighton Station Gateway scheme was agreed in 2013 following exhaustive consultation with residents, transport operators and the business community. 

Artist's impression of improved Brighton Station southern entrance

The final scheme is based on feedback from residents, businesses and transport partners to previous plans. The main features are:

Buses - Buses will remain in their current arrangement directly in front of the station. Improvements will be made to the design of this bus area and a ticket office added, which will also provide tourist information.

Taxis - Taxis will remain in their current position with improvements made to the layout of the taxi area.

Pedestrians - Pedestrians will have direct access to Queen's Road, without having to negotiate taxis. Subject to agreement with Network Rail, a new pedestrian link to the North Laine will be provided, and pavements in Queen's Road will be widened by around three metres on each side. Improvements will be made to junctions outside the station to make them easier to cross and the pavement will also be widened in Surrey Street.

Cycling - Most cycle parking will be provided at the north of the station, but some will be provided in the area currently occupied by taxis. A contraflow cycle lane will be provided in Queen's Road to provide access to the main entrance of the station for cyclists.
Traffic flow - Queens Road and Surrey Street retain their current gyratory arrangement. Amendments to the current one way system in the North Laine are proposed to reduce current levels of through traffic, while retaining access for residents and businesses. The proposal could be introduced alongside measures to restrict non-local through traffic in the area.  

The work began in January 2014 and improvements carried out so far include enhancing the Surrey Street area with extended footways, a loading bay, cycle racks and a new surface. Work has also been done in Queens Road area to create new bus shelters, trees, public seating, new lighting on wider footways, and installing loading bays without reducing the amount of pavement space for pedestrians. Trees have also been planted in Surrey Street and Queens Road to create a ‘boulevard’ effect.

Councillors at the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee also approved the introduction of three loading bays as well as a contra flow cycle lane on Queens Road that will give cyclists a more direct route to the station.

Work is also now complete on the junction of Queens Road, Gloucester Road, and Upper Gloucester Road. Improvements include simplifying the junction, the creation of more pavement space, new signals and pedestrian crossing points. There are new trees and seating to encourage people to spend time in the area.

The final stage of the scheme will focus on the area at the front of the station. The council will remodel the bus stop area, upgrade the crossing points and install new lighting, paving, trees and seating.

Completion of the project is expected in summer 2015..

If you have any questions or suggestions on the proposals, please contact us by:

Background to the Brighton Station gateway project

The council has been working with transport companies and representatives from local residents and businesses to see what can be done to improve the area around the station. The space in front of the station was dominated by traffic, but didn’t work particularly well for taxis, buses or private vehicles. Pedestrians – the main users of the space in terms of numbers – had very poor facilities and the facilities for cyclists were also limited. To make meaningful improvements to the area, we have to change the way traffic uses the space.

We identified a vision, objectives and potential design options for this challenging project, based on a set of aspirations developed through workshops held in 2011 (PDF 302kb). These will complement a number of planned developments in the area:

  • Square Bay Properties are developing a site next to the rear of the station. This provides an opportunity to create links between a new northern entrance and the rest of the city.
  • Southern Rail have secured funding for a multi-million pound project to make improvements to the interior of the station, which will significantly improve the passenger experience.
  • Network Rail is keen to make better use of Mangalore Way, possibly developing it as a ‘Borough Market’ type destination. Network Rail is also investigating the possibility of a high quality cycle parking facility at the northern entrance.

The final southern entrance scheme follows an initial consultation in 2011 asking for residents' priorities for the area. Around 1,200 people responded and, from that, we developed a number of station area design options (PDF 900kb) and asked for feedback. The final plan takes into account the positive and negative comments made by the public and discussions with our partners over the last year. 

Further background information

Any options on changing road layouts are only being put in place alongside measures to ensure necessary local vehicle access remains, and we haven't considered options that will redirect a lot of traffic through nearby residential streets.