Child pedestrian training

We provide pedestrian road safety training for primary school children in Brighton & Hove. The training is practical and provided during school time in year 1 (age 5 to 6 years) and year 3 (age 7 to 8 years).

The scheme is designed to

  • raise children's observation and awareness skills while crossing roads with an adult
  • provides children with road safety skills in preparation for independent travel

All schools taking part will receive help and advice in setting up the scheme from the Child Pedestrian Training Scheme Co-ordinator and they can borrow resources to support road safety in the classroom.

Child Pedestrian Training is one of the initiatives that can help reduce the number of child casualties on the roads.  The number of child pedestrian fatalities in the United kingdom is high compared to other European countries. Children aged between 11 and 15 remain the most at risk.

    Book child pedestrian training for your school

    We open bookings for child pedestrian training once a year. The closing date for booking child pedestrian training for the 2016/17 academic year was Friday 1 July 2016.  

    We may still have a few spaces left for some courses. Please call Emily Tester 01273 293847.

    We'll be in touch with schools who made a request by Friday 22 July.

    We give priority to schools with a current School Travel Plan that identifies walking to school as a key objective. 

    We also provide courses on 

    The training

    Stop look listen and think poster with Piers the meerkat

    Our training consists of practical roadside training and classroom activities, taught in schools during school time. The booklet 'Road Safety Training, A handbook for schools'[DOC 376KB] provides further information. Children work with fully trained Child Pedestrian Trainers in small groups. Children receive a consent form [PDF 390KB] so that they can obtain consent from their parent/guardian before they can take part in the training.

    View details of the training for children aged 5 - 6 years in 'Road Safety Training for your child, An essential guide for parents with children aged 5 - 6 Years' [PDF 1.48MB].

    View details of the training for children aged 7 - 8 years in 'Road Safety Training for your child, An essential guide for parents with children aged 7 - 8 years' [PDF 1.18MB].

    Piers the meerkat resources

    Download the following Piers the meerkat resources for use with your children.

    Piers the meerkat bookmark [PDF 390KB]

    Piers the meerkat Stop, Look, Listen poster [PDF  643KB]

    Piers the meerkat Be Bright poster [PDF 947 KB]

    Crossing the road rule cards [PDF 166KB]

    For further information about the scheme please contact the Road Safety Team.