Street parties and play streets

Local residents or community groups can apply to close the road to hold street parties and play streets in their area. We welcome these parties and understand they can bring great benefits to a local community. We appreciate that these events are often low budget with food and facilities being provided by residents.

Organising a street party

To help you hold a successful street party we have put together a Brighton & Hove street party application form (PDF 211KB) for you to complete. We ask for this form to be sent to us at least four weeks before your planned event. We will confirm when we have received your application and then respond again when we have assessed your application.

We do not charge for assisting local resident-organised street parties. We only charge if there is a commercial or business element to the event, the cost of this is currently £333.

We will advise you through the steps you need to take but you will need to:

  • carry out consultation with all residents in the street using the Petition to Allow Road Closure (PDF 21KB)
  • apply to the council for a formal road closure notice
  • put out the correct signs and barriers to make sure your road closure is safe

We also have MS word versions of the street party application form (DOC 92KB) and the petition to allow road closure (DOC 42KB)

The most important factor in arranging the street party is that everyone in the proposed road is asked for their opinion. This includes all residents and all businesses. A signed petition must be produced to the council when requesting a road closure showing that the majority of people in the street support the closure.

Some roads in the city are not able to be closed as doing so can cause problems with rerouting traffic or emergency access. If a road closure is not possible for these reasons we recommend looking at using an alternative local road.

We need to coordinate road closures across the city, so we need to have all the applications in before we can let you know about each individual request.

Please contact us if you want to talk through anything or would like further advice.  You can contact us at  or on (01273) 293366.

Organising play streets

To help you hold a successful play street we have put together a Brighton & Hove play street application form (PDF 301KB).

Brighton & Hove City Council supports the aims and objectives of Play Streets which enables children to play freely in the street in their local neighbourhood.  The below four steps are listed in greater detail at the web site and these steps should help you to meet the requirements of our street party application form and engage with you local community to ensure you have a successful  play street event.

1. Talk to your neighbours and set a date

How you do this is up to you. We advise talking in the street, door-knocking, leafleting and holding an informal meeting. The important thing is to make sure everyone feels included and consulted from the beginning.

2. Get permission and support

Once you’re sure there’s enough interest from neighbours, you’ll need to apply to the council for permission to close the road and make sure you have enough people willing to do stewarding and other jobs. Recruiting people is also a good chance to get to know your neighbours better.

3. Tell everyone

This just means publicising the times and dates of your sessions to everyone on the street and inviting them to come outside.  Try to make everyone feel included and ensure it is clear that parents are responsible for their own children. Also ensure that you have the correct signage and other equipment to close the road safely

4. Play out!

On the day, do a risk assessment. Arrange to meet and brief your stewards at least 15 minutes before the road is due to close.  As long as the road is closed and stewarded safely you can more or less let everything else take care of itself.

More information

If you have a street party planned why not look at our food at outdoor events page to help you save money and save waste.

Our street party & play street application forms guide you through what you need to do and has additional information at the end of the form.You can also find useful information and templates for signs at and government advice can be found on the communities and local government page.