Preston Village area parking scheme

The Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee approved this scheme on 27 June 2017.

Road lining will begin on Monday 24 July and the parking scheme will start in October. Parking permit application forms will be sent to residents towards the end of August.

Road markings for the Preston Village parking scheme

Work to create road markings for the new parking scheme will begin on Monday 24 July.

View a plan showing the extent of the scheme, please note there may be minor changes to this plan following comments received during the advertising of the Traffic Regulation Order

The work will start with line painting on Station Road and Clermont Road for one day only: Monday 24 July. Surrounding streets will be unaffected on that day.

We’re required to put up warning notices 48 hours before work begins. Cones and signs will be placed on Station Road and Clermont Road from Friday 21 July.

Similar work will be carried out on the following streets:

  • Clermont Terrace and North Road  – Tuesday 25 July
  • Lauriston Road and South Road – Wednesday 26 July
  • Home Road and Middle Road – Thursday 27 July
  • Cumberland Road and any remaining missed patches – Friday 28 July.

Please be aware that this timetable is weather-dependent. Rain or other adverse conditions may cause a delay.

Moving vehicles

Please move vehicles, where possible, to nearby streets before work starts.

We will only relocate vehicles as a last resort. If a vehicle must be moved, it will be towed to an adjacent road, or to the top/bottom of the road – as close as possible to the original location. We will not fine or charge vehicle owners if this happens. We will also notify the police if we move a vehicle, in case it is reported as stolen when the driver returns.

If your vehicle is moved and you are unsure where it is, please call: 0345 603 5469.

The new road markings are needed as part of the agreed proposal for parking restrictions in the Preston Village area.

If you have specific questions, please direct them to the Parking Infrastructure team:

Preston Village area parking proposals and consultation

We asked residents and businesses in the Preston Village area if they would like a residents parking scheme.

The results of the consultation were reported to the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee on Tuesday 17 January 2017.

The parking scheme includes bays for use by residents and their visitors, businesses and services.

Why we proposed a parking scheme for the Preston Village area

We're responding to an increasing number of comments and complaints about the high number of commuters parking in the area. This is making it difficult for residents to park. Our proposals also aim to address double parking and parking on pavements and double yellow lines.

We want to improve

  • safety for pedestrians
  • traffic flow
  • access for emergency vehicles
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