Electric vehicle charging points

Electric vehicle charging bay

An electric vehicle charging point signThere are electric vehicle charging points around Brighton & Hove. These are free to use for any electric vehicle that needs to park while charging.

An image of an electric vehicle using a charging point

Can I park in a electric vehicle charging bay?

You can only park in an electric vehicle charging bay if the vehicle is charging and the vehicle has an electric vehicle permit.

Why do we have electric vehicle charging points?

As part of our work to promote sustainable transport we have installed several electric vehicle charging points in the city. Electric vehicles are more sustainable than cars that run on conventional fuel and as a council we fully support their use.

How do I know what the restriction times are?

The sign on the street will tell you this. If no times are shown the bay operates at all times, 24 hours a day and every day.

You may leave your electric vehicle there for up to three hours while charging. Once the vehicle is fully charged it should be moved to a different bay such as a pay and display bay.

I have received a Penalty Charge Notice when parking in an electric vehicle charging bay. What do I do?

You should decide whether to:

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