Craven Vale area parking consultation

Update: Friday 6 October 2017 15.45

New controlled parking schemes

Enforcement officers will be issuing warning notices rather than parking tickets (PCNs) during the first two weeks of the schemes zones V, S and I.

This helps residents and visitors get used to the new parking restrictions and is normal practice for a new parking scheme. We are still finishing the signing in these schemes but they will be completed for Monday 9 October.

 Customers in Hanover (zones S & V) and Craven Vale schemes (zone I):

  • We are extending the issuing of warning notices until Sunday 15 October. Parking tickets (PCNs) will be issued from Monday 16 October.
  • We are giving all permit holders an additional two weeks’ grace period after the expiry of your three month or annual permit. This means you won’t be paying any extra for the delays in the scheme enforcement.

 Customers in Preston Village (zone K) and Balfour Road (zone F extension) schemes:

  • Parking tickets (PCNs) will be issued from Monday 9 October.

Permits can still be purchased through our website but please ring us on 01273 296622 (9am - 4.30pm) or come to the Parking Permit Centre at Hove Town Hall (Monday to Friday 10am - 4.30pm, Saturday 9am - 1pm) if there are any issues.

The visitor permit credit system is now working in all zones and you can purchase credits for your visitors

Resident permits have now been sent out in the post. Anyone who has not yet received their permit please contact us. However, you will be covered virtually.

We apologise for the inconvenience you have experienced while we are introducing our new system.


The Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee approved this scheme on 27 June 2017.

Road lining will begin in mid-September. A schedule for the road marking works will be available on this page from Monday 24 July. Advice on parking during the lining works will also be provided.

The new scheme starts in October. Parking permit application forms will be sent to residents towards the end of August.

 View a plan showing the extent of the scheme, please note there may be minor changes to this plan following comments received during the advertising of the Traffic Regulation Order.

Road markings for the Craven Vale area parking scheme

Please see the lining schedule form for the dates on which the work will take place. Please also see the additional dates below.

Additional programmed dates for Craven Vale are: -

  • Tuesday 29 August                              The Causeway & Monument View
  • Wednesday 30 August                       Craven Road
  • Thursday 31 August                            Queensway
  • Friday 1 September                              Tilgate Close, Southwater Close, Hadlow Close & Parham Close

Work to create road markings for the new parking scheme will begin on Monday 31 July.

We’re required to put up warning notices 48 hours before work begins. Cones and signs will be placed on street from Friday 28 July.

Please note Lining work is subject to weather conditions, rain or other adverse conditions may cause a delay.

This schedule will be updated on a weekly basis

Moving vehicles

Please move vehicles, where possible, to nearby streets before work starts.

We wiill only relocate vehicles as a last resort. If a vehicle must be moved, it will be towed to an adjacent road, or to the top/bottom of the road – as close as possible to the original location. We will not fine or charge vehicle owners if this happens. We will also notify the police if we move a vehicle, in case it is reported as stolen when the driver returns.

If your vehicle is moved and you are unsure where it is, please call: 0345 603 5469.

The new road markings are needed as part of the agreed proposal for parking restrictions in the Vraven Vale area.

If you have specific questions, please direct them to the Parking Infrastructure team:

Craven Vale area parking proposals and consultation

We asked residents and businesses in the Craven Vale area about our proposed designs for a residents parking scheme. On 14 March 2017 the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee decided on a recommendation for the scheme.

The recommendation is for a full parking scheme, Monday to Sunday 9am to 8pm.

You can watch a webcast of the meeting or read the committee's full decision and get the committee report.

We've now published Traffic Regulation Orders. This gives residents a further opportunity to comment.

Why we proposed a parking scheme for the Craven Vale area

We're responding to an increasing number of comments and complaints about the high number of vehicles parking all day in the area. This is making it difficult for local residents to park.

Our proposals also aim to address double parking and parking on pavements and double yellow lines.

We want to improve

  • safety for pedestrians
  • traffic flow
  • access for emergency vehicles

Contact us for further information about these proposals

We'll publish the changes needed to deliver the parking scheme in a Traffic Regulation Order. The order will be available for public comments and feedback at the end of April.