Blue Badge scheme reform

The government is changing the Blue Badge parking scheme to make it fairer and more consistent.

Changes in legislation mean that local authorties can charge up to £10 for a Blue Badge application.

It was decided in January 2012 that the cost of a badge in Brighton & Hove will be £10 from April 2012. Please see the cabinet meeting minutes for the decision. Any Blue Badges that start on 1 April will be charged at the new price.

There are some other changes that affect everyone nationally:

  • all new Blue Badges will be printed and supplied by one company. This will make it harder for anyone to alter or photocopy a badge.
  • all new badges will have additional security features to help cut down on Blue Badge fraud
  • local authorities will have to pay a production fee for each Blue Car Badge of £4.60 (excluding VAT).
  • We have already introduced independent mobility assessments which are recommended by the Department for Transport which is the recommended way to assess applications.

Here are some frequently asked questions and also some key facts and figures about the scheme.

The Department for Transports website has more information on the Blue Badge reform including the Department for Transports equalities impact assessment and some frequently asked questions.

For any feedback or comments please complete the online feedback form.