Sport & physical activity opportunities for people over 50 in Brighton & Hove

Keeping active is particularly important as you get older. It can help to maintain a healthy heart and lungs, keep you supple and help you lose weight. It's also a great way to beat stress and meet new people.

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The Sports Development Team co-ordinates and supports a range of activities and opportunities for older people across the city of Brighton & Hove.  The team also provides advice on funding to sports clubs and groups and gives clubs the opportunity to promote themselves in the Active for Life booklet and website.  We have also helped clubs successfully secure funding for activites such as bowls, multisports and outdoor pursuits.

Social Ping!

Following the hugely successful Ping! project in Brighton and Hove. The Active for Life team has been delivering a number of Social Ping! sessions in sheltered housing schemes across the city for people aged 65+.

The sessions are fun, sociable and are about taking part. Table tennis is a great activity to keep mobile and active, the sessions also offer participants the opportunity to meet new people as well as improving your table tennis skills.  


Monday Portslade Village Centre 2pm - 3pm

Tuesday New Larchwood Coldean 11am - 12pm

Wednesday King Alfred  Leisure Centre  10.30am - 11.30am

Thursday Patching Lodge Eastern Road 10.30am - 11.30am (from 17th April)

For more information call the Active for Team on 01273 292729.

Ten reasons why being more active could benefit you!

  1. being more active can halve your risk of a heart attack or stoke.
  2. being active is a great way to beat stress and help you feel more confident.
  3. joining a regular activity group is a great way to make new friends in a fun and informal environment.
  4. being active keeps your joints healthy and can help people with joint and bone problems to be more in control of their illness.
  5. being active will help maintain healthy lungs.
  6. being active can reduce the risk of developing certain cancers.
  7. being active will help you to control your weight.
  8. being regularly active can imporove blood-pressure and reduce cholesterol levels.
  9. being active can reduce the risk of diabetes and help those who are diabetic to control their disease.
  10. balance related exercise such as Tai Chi can halve a person's risk of a fall.

How much exercise is enough?

The good news is that it is really easy to be active enough to maintain good health.  The most important thing is to get started!  =Currently, the government recommends that everybody should aim to get 30 minutes of moderate physical acitivity (such as walking, swimming, yoga or light gardening) every day. This can be done in one go, or you can split it up into 10 or 15 minute chunks. Moderate exercise should make you feel a little warmer, breathe a little faster and feel your heart beat a little faster. If you are out of breath you should slow down!

If you have any concerns about starting physical acitivity consult your doctor first.

Activities in Sheltered Housing schemes

For information about activities in schemes in the Brighton & Hove area, please contact 01273 293030.

Health & Welfare

Brighton & Hove PCT publishes an in-depth guide into Healthy Living for the 50+ age group. It includes comprehensive listings on active living, preventing or dealing with physical and mental health problems, where to get advice, education, being a carer, healthy eating and managing your finances. 

To request a copy contact Health Promotion on (01273) 296550 or e-mail