Beach chalets

rottingdean chaletsBeach chalets are located in five places along the coast in Brighton & Hove:

  • Hove
  • Madeira Drive​
  • Ovingdean
  • Rottingdean
  • Saltdean

The chalets are of brick construction and there is access to a water standpipe at each location. Electricity and water are provided within the Hove chalets.

The chalets are owned by the council and let by way of a licence agreement. Tenants are responsible for payment of national non-domestic rates.

Beach chalet rents

madeira drive chalets

The licence agreement is for a fixed 5 year period. The Licence Fee is reviewed annually on 1 April.

Beach chalet charges for 2017-18 are listed below. The costs listed are for a 5 year tenancy and include VAT.

  • Hove: £1,351.68
  • Madeira Drive​: £931.14
  • Ovingdean: £883.31
  • Rottingdean: £790.47
  • Saltdean: £790.47

Pay your beach chalet rents online

Go to our payments page and select 'beach hut/chalet rents' from the drop down list. Then simply follow the instructions to make your payment.

Waiting lists

All of our beach chalets are let at the moment. The waiting list for Brighton & Hove residents to rent a beach chalet is open for chalets located in Madeira Drive, Ovingdean, Rottingdean and Saltdean. The waiting list for beach chalets located in Hove is currently closed.

If you are interested in joining the waiting list to rent a beach chalet, please email