The seafront

Brighton & Hove seafront is the city's largest entertainment venue offering 11km of entertainment and activities, many of which are free. The seafront is managed by the Seafront Office

Due to the storms over the past few weeks the shape of the beach has changed and is extremely steep in some places, making it dangerous to walk close to the water's edge, particularly for young children and dogs.

Get advice on using the seafront.

Beach litterTo have a safe and fun time have a look at:

We want everyone to enjoy the beach so please have a look at the bylaws relating to:

If you fancy some other sporting activities such as volleyball or basketball,  seafront events taking place or a spot of shopping and dining then take a look at:

And if you are interested in buying a beach hut, renting a chalet or if there are any seafront arches avaliable to rent then take a look here: