Queens Park

Set in a sheltered valley, Queens Park is perfect if you want to take a short stroll and relax. There is a wildlife garden planted by a local herbalist who runs workshops in the garden (please contact Cityparks for further information).

There is also a grade two listed clock tower, built in 1915 from Redbrick and Portland stone.

For more on the history of Queens Park and other information, go to the Friends of Queens Park page.

  • In 2014, working with the Friends of Queens Park and a local landscape architect, the council started developing a Masterplan for Queens Park. A consultation was held June-July 2014 and the public's views were sought on the proposals
  • The Masterplan's proposals will be developed further, subject to the availability of funding
  • A Conservation Management Plan for the park will also be developed when funding becomes available.

Welcome to Queens Park

Upcoming events, improvements and activities at Queens Park

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Wildlife Garden
Large Wildlife Pond
Grade 2 listed clock tower

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Getting there

Brighton City map

                                                             Click the map above to find the park's location.

The 23, 81, 81A, 81B and 81C services run closest to Queens park. Further information and timetables available from the Brighton & Hove Bus company.

There are cycle lanes leading to the park from the city centre and various places to secure your bicycle to around the park. For more information on cycling around the city check the Journey On site.

There is Pay and Display parking available along West Drive, North Drive and East Drive which surrounds the park.

Opening Times -

Park: Always open.

Cafe - 10.30am-5.30pm daily in summer, weather permitting in winter.

Don't miss this.....

Queens Park Pond

At the centre of the park is a large wildlife pond, which is a great attraction for visitors, with waterfowl such as Geese and Moorhens to feed with grain and seeds.
Please note: don’t feed the birds with bread, it's not good for them and encourages the local Herring gulls to scavenge.
There are also water cascades going down into the pond from the peace garden area.

You can also Dedicate a Bench or Donate a Tree at this park.

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