Green Flag Award Winning Parks

Green Flag Award newSeven Brighton & Hove parks and public spaces have received prestigious Green Flag Awards by the Keep Britain Tidy Campaign.

And while six of the winning entries have received the award before, the latest announcement marks a breakthrough year as the Level has been recognised for the first time, following major improvement work. 

The seven winning locations are:

Kipling Gardens

The Green Flag Award scheme was designed to raise the standard of public parks and green spaces in England and Wales by recognising and rewarding the best examples in the country. Our parks and green spaces have been successfully competing in the prestigious annual Green Flag Awards since 1998.

Read the press release about the 2014 Green Flag awards.

What makes a Green Flag Park ?

The Green Flag Award is judged on the following key criteria:

A welcoming place

The overall impression for any member of the community - regardless of the purpose of their visit - should be positive and inviting

Healthy, safe and secure

The park/green space must be a healthy, safe and secure place for all members of the community to use

Clean and well maintained

For visual as well as health and safety reasons, issues of cleanliness and maintenance must be adequately addressed


Methods used in maintaining the park/green space and its facilities should be environmentally sound

Conservation and heritage

Attention should be paid to the conservation and appropriate management of landscapes, wildlife, fauna, buildings and structural features

Community involvement

The park/green space management should actively pursue the involvement of members of the community who represent as many park/green space user groups as possible


There should be good provision of information to users, about management strategies, activities, features and ways to get involved. The park/green space should be promoted as a community resource


A management plan or strategy should be in place; this should clearly address all of the above criteria. A financially sound management of the park/green space must also be demonstrated

Contacts and useful links

To find out more about the award, please go to the Green Flag website

If you have visited any of our Green Flag Parks why not let us know what you think? Contact or call 01273 292929.

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