Devils Dyke

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Situated on the South Downs, north of Brighton, the Devil’s Dyke is an area of outstanding natural beauty. It makes for a wonderful afternoon out for all the family with breath-taking views, extensive walks and a pub restaurant.
There are a number of activities available on site from hang-gliding and model airplane flying!


Getting there

Brighton City map

                                                             Click the map above to find the park's location.

The 77 bus runs open-top bus services to the Dyke during the summer and at weekends. Breeze up to the downs. Further information and timetables available from the Brighton & Hove Bus company.

There is very limited parking available at the Dyke.

Opening Times -

Park: Always open.

Pub Restaurant:
Mon-Sat 12pm-11pm
Sun 12pm-10.30pm

Features of the site

Devils dyke signDevil's Dyke is the largest chalkland dry combe in Britain and home to many associated plants and butterflies. From the stone seat there are dramatic views north over the weald and south over the city to the sea.

Brighton Radio Flying Club flying field is located just off Saddlescombe Road.

There are some good walking guides available:

  • National Trust walk to Ditchling Beacon
  • Hove Downland leaflet [PDF 1Mb]
  •  Visit the National Trust web page for Devils Dyke to find out more.

    Did you know?

    The site got its name from a legend that stated the Devil was furious at the conversion of the people of the Weald to Christianity, so decided to dig a dyke through the South Downs, so the sea could flow in and drown their villages. To ensure his efforts were not discovered until it was too late, he decided to dig it over a single night. However his toils woke an old woman, who lit a candle. This then woke her cockerel, who began to crow. Seeing the light and hearing the cockerel, the Devil was fooled into thinking it was dawn, rushed off with his work uncompleted and the Weald was saved.

    Graham Wallfare from the National Trust has a great Youtube video about the legend. Delve into the history and heritage of Devils Dyke, and watch the video on the legend!

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