Blakers Park

Blakers Park is a well-loved and well-used community space in the Fiveways area of Brighton. Although compact in size it has a large number of features including a small friendly café, tennis courts and a recently renovated playground. The park also contains a distinctive Victorian clocktower.

For more on the history of Blakers Park and other information, go to the Friends of Blakers Park page. 

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Children's Playground
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Victorian Clock Tower

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Getting there

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The 56 bus runs close to the park during the day. Further information and timetables available from the Brighton & Hove Bus company

There are cycle lanes leading to the park from the city centre and various places to secure your bicycle to around the park. For more information on cycling around the city check the Journey On site.

There is limited free parking available on Cleveland Road and Southdown Road.

Opening Times -
Park: Always open.

Cafe - 9.30am-5.30pm

Don't miss this.....

blakers park clock tower


In the middle of the park is its most recognisable feature, the fifty foot high Clock Tower. Unveiled on the 15th September 1896 and donated by the park’s founder Mayor Alderman J.G. Blaker, it is made of steel, cast iron and finished in bronze.
Today it remains as a main focal point of the park, offering a unique area to enjoy some food and drink from the nearby cafe. 

You can also Dedicate a Bench at this park.



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