Hiring exhibition space at Jubilee Library

Jubilee Library has two large exhibiting areas, the windows at the front of the building and the foyer just right of the entrance as you walk in.

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Exhibitions in our windows

There are 12 windows in total, with a hang bar located on the walkway above, perfect for large scale exhibitions.

Dimensions (please note measurements are approximate)
Height 3.5 metres, Width 1.5 metres

Exhibitions in the foyer of Jubilee Library

Located just to the right of the entrance as you walk into the library, this space is well suited for photographic, art-based, interactive and other dynamic exhibitions. Plinths are available to hire.

Dimensions (please note measurements are approximate)
Wall Area: Height 3 metres
Floor Area: Length 4.5 metres, Width 3.5 metres

*Measurements are approximations. Size may vary.

Hire charges

Administration charge for exhibitions £40

Commercial hire £165 per week
Discount hire £115 per week

For more information please call 01273 292872  or email JubileeLibrary.ExhibitionSpaces@brighton-hove.gov.uk