Nomadic life is not illegal, and Travellers have a basic right to this way of life. The council recognises that this has to be balanced with the rights of the general public to enjoy private and public land.

Service update - Friday 29 April 2016

Land at Stanmer Park - unauthorised encampment: A group have moved onto this land following an eviction from Wild Park. We have visited this site with the police, to carry out health and welfare checks, and to conduct a community impact assessment. The group has been informed that they are trespassing on council-owned land and have to leave. We will be applying for possession of this land through the County Court, which once granted, will enable us to arrange for an eviction to be carried out as soon as practicable .

Land at the Boneyard, Drove Road, Woodingdean (Private Land) - unauthorised encampment: As this encampment is on private land, the landowner will have to make their own arrangements to remove the group.

Wild Park: This encampment has now left, and we have arranged for our contractor to attend the site and clear it of any rubbish and detritus.

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