Nomadic life is not illegal, and Travellers have a basic right to this way of life. The council recognises that this has to be balanced with the rights of the general public to enjoy private and public land.

Service update - Thursday 3 September 2015

Stanmer Park - unauthorised encampment of Travellers and Gypsies with seven trailers: We have visited this site with the police, to carry out health and welfare checks, and to conduct a community impact assessment. The families were informed that they are trespassing on council-owned land and were asked to leave. We are now assessing what enforcement action to take.

Land adjacent to the Racecourse, Warren Road - unauthorised encampment of Travellers with 12 trailers, and;

BMX Site, Sheepcote Valley - unauthorised encampment of Travellers with six trailers: We have visited both of these sites with the police, to carry out health and welfare checks, and to conduct community impact assessments. The group were informed they are trespassing on council-owned land and have been asked to leave. We will be seeking possession of these pieces of land land through the County Court. Once granted this will enable us to arrange for an eviction to take place as soon as practicable.

Madeira Drive - unauthorised encampment of Travellers with six trailers: We are currently monitoring the situation, and assessing what the most appropriate action is to take in regaining possession of this land in preparation of a pre-booked event taking place this week.

Coldean Woods - unauthorised encampment of lived-in vehicles: We will be seeking possession of this land through the County Court. Once granted, this will enable us to arrange for an eviction to take place as soon as practicable.

Wild Park: All of the occupants have now left the site, and we have asked our contractor to clear the site of rubbish and any other waste.

Horsdean Traveller site

We have identified a need for residential accommodation for Gypsies and Travellers in the city and, in line with our policy for managing unauthorised encampments, we want to build a permanent Gypsy and Traveller site with good facilities.

The council made a planning application to South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA) for a permanent Traveller site in Brighton & Hove at Horsdean. The application was made after an extensive selection process. A survey was carried out at 50 locations under terms jointly agreed by officers from Brighton & Hove City Council and the South Downs National Park Authority.

The South Downs National Park Authority’s planning committee has approved the planning application for the permanent traveller site

12 new pitches will now be built at Horsdean next to an existing site with 21 existing transit spaces.

A £1.7 million government grant to develop a permanent Traveller site is expected to cover the cost of the development. Travellers living on the site will pay rent and council tax.

Find out more about our plans for a permanent Traveller site.

Brighton & Hove Traveller Strategy

Our Traveller Strategy sets out how the council balances the needs of Traveller communities with those of the city’s settled communities.

View or download our Brighton & Hove One Year On: the Traveller Commissioning Strategy in Action 2012/13 [PDF 414kb]

The Horsdean Traveller site is one of the few transit sites for Travellers in the country. The council takes action against unauthorised sites in line with our Traveller strategy.