National Deposit Protection Scheme

Since 6 April 2007, landlords must protect their tenants' deposits using a tenancy deposit protection scheme if they have let the property on an assured shorthold tenancy.

Information for landlords

There are three different Deposit Fund Accounts and it’s up to landlords themselves to decide which account to deposit the money in.

You need to check Direct Gov's Deposit protection schemes pages to make sure you are informed about the scheme. Landlords will face stiff penalties if they don’t comply with the scheme.

If you want to speak to a member of the Tenancy Deposit Protection Team, please telephone The Communities & Local Government Department on 0207 944 4400.

If you want to speak with someone in the council, please telephone our Private Sector Development Officer on (01273) 293086.

Information for private sector tenants

If you take out a private sector tenancy, you now have rights to know where your deposit is being held and what happens to the interest. You also have guarantees on the time it takes to release the money back to you at the end of the tenancy (with any interest accrued).

For more information, visit Direct Gov's Deposit protection schemes pages or call the Communities and Local Government Department on 020 7944 4400.