Housing related support

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Visit the Supporting People website at: www.supportingpeopleinbrightonandhove.org.uk.

All the information about the Integrated Support Pathway can be found in the 'Providers' section of the SP website.

Brighton & Hove City Council have been judged by independent inspectors the Audit Commission to deliver "A good, 'Two Star' Supporting People service with promising prospects for improvement".

Further details and the full Audit Commission report are available on our Supporting People website.

Supporting People is a national initiative from central government designed to create a working partnership of local government, service users and housing-related support agencies. The aim is to deliver high quality and strategically planned services that are needs led, cost effective, reliable and complement existing care services.

Supporting People seeks to simplify the current diverse funding streams into a single 'Supporting People Grant' administered by local authorities. Greater focus is placed on needs at a local and national level by establishing the local authority as the lead organisation responsible for the strategic planning and commissioning of services.

The Supporting People programme is integrated with other local and national strategies to enable a wider choice and range of services which are non-tenure specific and which fund housing-related support services to people wherever they live. Support services will be reviewed and monitored rigorously with a focus on the quality of the service and outcomes for service users.

To achieve these aims locally, a Supporting People team has been established in Brighton & Hove and a five year strategy has been developed to meet local housing related support needs.

Brighton & Hove City Council has also developed a website dedicated to the Supporting People programme in the city. The site holds information for service providers, service users & potential service users, voluntary sector and advocacy groups.

The site has many features including:

  • a searchable directory of all services and service providers
  • feedback facilities for all parties involved in the Supporting People programme
  • Links to local and national organisations that have an active interest in the Supporting People programme
  • a secure area specifically for Service Providers and;
  • the latest Supporting People news, and events calendar 

You can visit the website at www.supportingpeopleinbrightonandhove.org.uk

Supporting People complements and works in partnership with our wider overarching housing strategy, 'Housing - the well-being of the city' in seeking to ensure that all the people of Brighton & Hove have access to decent affordable housing that enables a good quality of life for all.

You can download a full copy of the Supporting People Strategy 2008 - 2011 [Word 210 KB]

Further information about the Supporting People Programme is available on the national website at www.spkweb.org.uk 

You can contact the comissioning team by email at commissioningteam@brighton-hove.gov.uk

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