Housing associations working in Brighton & Hove

Housing associations are non-profit making organisations who build, purchase and manage affordable housing for rent to people in housing need. Some associations also provide homes to buy under low cost home ownership schemes.

Brighton & Hove City Council works in partnership with the housing associations operating in the city on the joint housing register and our choice based letting scheme - Homemove.

These housing associations do not hold their own waiting lists, they advertise all their vacant property for rent through Homemove

A2Dominion Group
website: www.a2dominion.co.uk 
email: customer.services@a2dominion.co.uk 
telephone: 0800 432 0077

Affinity Sutton
website: www.affinitysutton.com
telephone: 0845 688 7717

Amicus Horizon
website: www.amicushorizon.org.uk 
email: contactus@amicushorizon.org.uk 
telephone: 0800 121 6060

Guinness Trust
website: www.guinnesstrust.org.uk
telephone: 01273 738620

Home Group
website: www.homegroup.org.uk
telephone: 0208 868 9000

Hyde Martlet
website: www.hyde-housing.co.uk.
email: info@hydemartlet.co.uk  
telephone: 0800 085 4195

Moat Homes Limited
website: www.moat.co.uk
email: customer@moat.co.uk 
telephone: 0845 600 1006

Orbit South
website: www.orbit.org.uk
telephone: 0800 678 1221

Sanctuary Housing
website: www.sanctuary-housing.co.uk
email: contactus@sanctuary-housing.co.uk
telephone: 0800 131 3348

Servite Houses
website: www.servitehouses.org
email: cscbalham@servitehouses.org.uk
telephone: 01903 734 339

Southern Housing Group
website: www.shgroup.org.uk
email: info@shgroup.org.uk
telephone: 08456 120 021