Empty Properties


The council's Housing Strategy 2015 outlines it's vision for Brighton & Hove to be an inclusive city with affordable, high quality housing that supports a thriving economy by offering security and promoting health and wellbeing, and reduces its impact on the environment. We want to help bring about integrated communities in a society that values everyone to recognise and tackle the inequality faced by families the poor and the vulnerable.

Bringing empty property back into use is an integral part of meeting that vision, recognising that empty homes represent a waste in housing terms as well as creating concerns for those who live nearby. The council has an Empty Property Team working to return empty properties to use as homes across the city. The majority of empty properties in the city are privately owned and the  Empty Property Strategy update 2015 below outlines why and how we work with owners, neighbours and potential investors to ensure empty properties are returned to use.

Since 2001 more than 2000 properties have been returned to use as homes, and £2.3m has been allocated to the council through New Homes Bonus earned by reducing the number of empty properties in the city.


Empty Property Strategy 2015 update

The Empty Property Strategy outlines why and how the council gets involved in dealing with empty properties.  Read the updated Empty Property Strategy 2015 here. 

Reporting an empty property

If you own or live near an empty property please complete our empty properties reporting online form.

Any information that you supply will only be held by the council, and any personal information you supply will only be used to help us make enquiries and will not be disclosed to any third party unless otherwise stated.

Updating us on your empty property

Use our update on your empty property form to tell us about a change to your property, such as anyone moving in or any work being done.