Resident involvement - making it easier for you to join in

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The Innovation group.

We want to open up resident involvement in Brighton & Hove.

At the end of 2011, tenants and residents formed a ‘think tank’ called the Innovation Group to look at ways to open up tenant participation across the city. After a great deal of research, consultation and discussion, the group came up with a number of proposals to improve participation.

A summary of the group's findings was published on pages 6 and 7 of the summer 2012 edition of  Homing In and we invited comments from all tenants via Homing In at the May City Assembly and via our website.

What was the response from residents?

It was overwhelmingly positive. The majority of residents who responded agreed that the proposals are a good idea.

What do the results show?

  • You would like us to support you more, whether it is organising group community events, working on projects or help with publicity.
  • You would like more help with Tenant Associations e.g. around training representatives, reviewing working groups and publicising successes.  87% of respondents also agreed that a clear code of conduct needs to be introduced.
  • We are all agreed that getting more people to know each other is really important – involvement in all sorts of ways, not just through tenant associations. There is a real desire to get young and old working together, continuing to improve and grow our communities.

 These results will be considered in the final report that is going to Housing Management Consultative Sub Committee and Housing Committee in September.  

What about you?

Have you had your say ? We still want to hear from as many residents as possible. Please let us know how you would enjoy getting involved and what ideas you have by: