Resident involvement in Brighton & Hove

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Resident involvement is at the heart of everything we do in Housing. From individual tenant associations through to city-wide groups and the City Assembly, residents have a say in shaping the services that we deliver.

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If you're interested in starting an association, getting involved, or would like the minutes of a meeting, please get in touch with the Resident Involvement team by phone (01273) 292112 or email

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Residents at West Area Panel

The Tenant Disability Network now have a dedicated phone number and email address for tenants. These work on the basis of leaving a message and the appropriate elected representative for whichever area the person lives in will get back to them. Email –   Telephone – 01273 936934

Resident involvement - Tenant Participation Compact

The Tenant Participation Compact is an agreement that gives tenants a range of options and guarantees regarding the way they can shape, influence, monitor and directly control the housing matters and local decisions, which affect them. It is an agreement that sets out what tenants and Brighton & Hove City Council would like to achieve.

The compact for Brighton & Hove was developed by the Tenant Compact Monitoring Group, composed of tenants, council staff and councillors, and will be regularly reviewed and developed by the group.

Tenants are experts on issues that affect them and their homes. By drawing on their valuable experience the compact should ensure better decision making by the council and greater accountability of council staff and elected councillors. Tenant participation ensures tenants have a real say in the decisions that effect their communities.

"Tenants often believe nothing they say will make any difference, so why bother. If I believed that I wouldn’t bother myself. However, I have learned from personal experience that tenants can influence the council and that the more tenants become involved the greater the influence they have. Most tenants have local tenant or resident associations, so please go along and support their meetings. Just by doing that, you can make a difference."
A Local Tenant Representative

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If you would like to be involved with consultation or get more information on what resident involvement is about, contact the resident involvement team at