Mental health and wellbeing

Our mental health and wellbeing are central to our overall quality of life and general health. Mental health problems are widespread and common. Every year, one in four adults experiences at least one mental disorder. We can all do something to improve happiness for ourselves and others. These pages aim to help you get support when you need it and give you information and advice about increasing and maintaining your own mental health and wellbeing.

Latest news

  • Applications for the second year of the Mental Wellbeing Innovation Fund are being accepted until 5pm on Monday, 16 November 2015. See the application form (PDF 132KB) for details of the priorities for funding and other essential information. If you would like the form in a Word format please email: This funding is for formally constituted groups or organisations, not for individuals.
  • An update on our progress with the strategy was approved by the Health & Wellbeing Board in October 2015. This includes a report on the first year’s action plan and also an outline of our plans for Years Two and Three, up to August 2017. See our Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy update and our information on the five ways to wellbeing.
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