Promoting independence

One of the key goals of personalising social care is to ensure people in the city are able to live as independently as possible for as long as possible. In Brighton & Hove we have introduced new ways of working with people who need support to achieve this.

We promote independence by providing short-term intensive support following an illness, hospitalisation or an accident. It is time limited (usually six weeks in Brighton & Hove) and aims to reduce the need for social services, help people to live independently at home and remain at home for longer.

The Independence at Home Team

For people who need further support, the Independence at Home team provides short-term home care to support people to re-learn daily living skills they may have lost, or learn to how to do them in a different way. This allows people to to regain their self-confidence and then gradually reduce the amount of professional support they rely on.   
This approach has a much greater emphasis on supporting and encouraging people to do more for themselves and remain independent.

Carelink Plus

CareLink Plus provides a 24-hour, seven day community alarm service. We are here to help and always available at the touch of a button to support people in crisis and emergency situations. You can summon help from anywhere in your home or garden. You need never be alone again.

Independent home care providers

We are working with home care providers in the city, encouraging them to offer services which promote independence and help people live at home for longer.

Transitional Care

This is a service for people who no longer have the medical need to remain in hospital, but could benefit from a short period of support in a residential home before returning to their own homes, or moving to a long-term residential placement.

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