Community learning disability service

About the service

The Community Learning Disability Services is an integrated service, which means that the NHS Brighton & Hove City Primary Care Trust and Brighton & Hove City Council have ‘pooled’ the money they spend on the service.  The service is commissioned by the Primary Care Trust and the council. The lead commissioner for Learning Disabilities works for the council. 

You can contact the NHS Brighton & Hove City Primary Care Trust at:
NHS Brighton & Hove (Brighton & Hove City Teaching Primary Care Trust)
Level 4
Lanchester House
Trafalgar Place
Brighton BN1 4FU
Telephone: 01273 295490
Fax: 01273 295461


All staff in the Community Learning Disability Service are either employed directly by Brighton & Hove City Council  or seconded to Brighton & Hove City Council.  The council has overall management responsibility for Learning Disability services in Brighton & Hove.

Some staff in our Community Learning Disability Team (specialist healthcare) are employed by the Sussex Partnership Foundation NHS Trust.

How decisions are made

Decisions about Learning Disability services are made in the following ways:

  • decisions about individual care packages are made within Community Learning Disability Services. This can be at the Learning Disability Panel, at a persons review or as part of a person centred plan
  • bigger decisions about the future direction of services may get made at the Learning Disability Partnership Board, Lead Member Cabinet Meeting and the Joint Commissioning Board

Decisions about the budget need to be made by  the local partners Primary Care Trust and Brighton & Hove City Council.