How can a health trainer help me?

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The health trainer service is free and confidential. Did you know that health trainers have supported people in Brighton & Hove since 2009?

The team uses practical techniques to help people change behaviour that may be affecting their health. Health trainers will introduce you to tools which can help you:

  • explore the benefits of making a change
  • find out what the guidelines are around physical activity, healthy eating, alcohol and smoking
  • decide the lifestyle changes that are most important to you
  • learn how to set goals you are more likely to achieve
  • understand what gets in the way of making changes and create ways of coping with difficult situations
  • build motivation and confidence to help you keep going

Health trainers support people to make a change

Michelle wanted to reduce the amount of alcohol she was drinking - as she knew she was damaging her body. Working with a health trainer, Michelle learnt more about the health effects of drinking and examined her own drinking habits with a diary. The health trainer supported Michelle to set goals and Michelle identified her own strategies for cutting down.

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The health trainer service is a national initiative.