Charges for social care services

The council sets a charge for most of the social care services provided. These services include residential care homes and nursing homes, day care, home care, community support, and adaptations to property.  Only some people have to pay the full cost of the service. The amount you may have to pay will depend on the amount of money you have.

This means that alongside a needs assessment for the support and care you may need, a financial assessment is also carried out.  The financial assessment takes into account your individual financial position and is used to check you have the correct state benefits. The assessment will work out how much you need to pay towards the service you receive and how much the council will pay.

If you choose not to provide a statement of your finances, you will be required to pay the actual cost of the service yourself.

Further detailed information can be found in the council's Social Care Charging Policy 2013-2014 [88KB]. The council also provides the following brief information sheets which explain how these charges are calculated.

Financial information sheets April 2014-March 2015

You can download the following information sheets:

Paying for services on-line

You can pay for your day and home care services on-line through our secure server.  Go to the payments page by clicking the button below and select 'home/day care charges' from the drop down list.  Then simply follow the instructions to make your payment.

pay your bills on-line!

For further information

It is not possible to include all the detailed and complicated rules about calculating charges in the information sheets.

If you would like more information, please contact:

Financial Assessment and Welfare Rights Team
Adult Social Care
Brighton & Hove City Council
2nd Floor, Bartholomew House
Bartholomew Square
Brighton  BN1 1JP

Tel: (01273) 295660 - residential charges
Tel: (01273) 295662 - non-residential charges

Please visit our Income Collection page for information about the council's debt recovery policy.

Further general information is provided by Think Local, Act Personal in their guide Paying for long-term care in England (pdf 384 kb)