Carers Grant - breaks and services for carers of adults

This web page has information on breaks and services for carers of adults. Information for parent carers or young carers of a child aged under 18 is included in our web pages on services for disabled children and young people

Brighton & Hove City Council has money from the Carers Grant to help you, as a carer, get a break from the caring you provide or help with other services that could support you in your caring role.

Following an assessment of your needs, the Carers Grant is available to provide breaks and other services for carers. If you want to take a break but can't leave the person you care for on their own the grant may help with:

  • a short stay in a residential or nursing home for the person you care for; 
  • temporary increases in care packages to cover the time you are away.

If you want to have a break with the person you care for, the grant may contribute towards:

  • a holiday;    
  • holiday transport costs;    
  • an outing, either as a one-off or on a regular basis.

For young carers, the grant may help with:

  • playschemes;    
  • school trips/holidays;    
  • out of school sports and leisure activities.

The Carers Grant may also be able to assist with services to support you in your caring role such as:

  • transport costs;    
  • activities which enable you to have time to yourself, maintain your idependance and to help you cope with your carer role, e.g. leisure activity, adult education or services to support your employment.

How to get in touch

In order to access the Carers Grant we will first need to carry out an assessment of your needs. If you wish this assessment to take place, please contact the assessor/social worker for the person you care for. If you are not sure who to contact, please contact the Access Point on (01273) 295555 or complete our online application. We will then be able to direct your enquiry to the appropriate service to carry out your assessment.