State of the Local Environment

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The City Sustainability Partnership has led the development of a State of the Local Environment report, undertaken by the Sustainability Team at Brighton & Hove City Council. This is the first time a report like this has been developed.

This report provides a detailed snapshot of Brighton & Hove's environment and also the city's environmental impact using all available data. The Sustainability Team worked with areas within and external to the council to gather the information.

The report covers diverse issues from climate change and waste to air quality and biodiversity, using a range of existing information to give a broad snapshot of our local environment. Where available, trend data is presented to show changes over time. Where we don't have data, other context is included.

The report is intended to be a useful and accessible reference for a range of audiences to help illustrate the challenges that face us in improving our local and global environment.

Download the summary report [PDF 2.19mb]

You can also find the details in the chapters below:

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The Environment Agency also have a State of the Environment report for the South East region.