One Planet City

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Brighton & Hove is the world’s first designated One Planet City. The city’s Sustainability Action Plan received accreditation from sustainable development charity BioRegional last year, for its plans to enable residents to live well within a fairer share of the earth’s resources.

The One Planet approach aims to create a future where it’s easy, attractive and affordable for all of us to lead happy and healthy lives, using a fair share of the earth’s resources.

Our partners in the city are working with us to shape a ‘One Planet City’. Together we can boost the local economy, become more resistant to price hikes in energy, fuel and food, and foster a more equal and healthy city.

The Sustainability Action Plan [PDF 645kb] outlines how we will use the One Planet approach to meet two of the council’s key priorities - creating a more sustainable city and modernising the council.

These case studies detail the successful work that is going on around the city and within the council under each of the One Planet Principles.

One Planet City Case Studies Spring 2013 [PDF 221kb]

One Planet Council Case Studies Summer 2013 [PDF 115kb]

One Planet Council Case Studies Autumn 2013 [PDF 140kb]

One Planet Case Studies Spring 2014 [PDF 426KB]

One Planet Case Studies Autumn 2014 [PDF 396kb]

Background and key links

The One Planet Sustainability Action Plan for the city and council was unanimously approved by councillors at the Policy & Resources Committee meeting on 21 March 2013 [PDF 49kb]

Creating a more sustainable city and modernising the council using the One Planet approach are two of the council's top five priorities set out in its Corporate plan for 2011-15.

The council's Climate Change Strategy concentrates on reducing the city's carbon dioxide emissions. This has to be a priority as they account for nearly half the city’s ecological footprint.

BioRegional's One Planet Regions programme [PDF 812kb]

Report on the benefits to Brighton & Hove of endorsement as a One Planet City [PDF 15kb]