Local Food

Kid eating dinner

What you can do

  • Find out about growing your own food in your garden, patio, roof or balcony.
  • Get your food from a local source – support local growers and reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Buy your food in season – it’s cheaper and will probably be local.
  • Join a local cooking or growing project – or start your own.
  • Take part in one of the many food events and festivals in the city.

Visit the Brighton & Hove Food Partnership website for more information.

Spade to Spoon - our Food Strategy and Action Plan

The council’s Food Strategy and Action Plan [PDF 2.2mb] addresses a range of issues including sustainable food procurement, food waste, food access, education, economic development and climate change. 

The plan was developed by Brighton & Hove Food Partnership. Its aim is to achieve a sustainable food system for the city – one that is healthy, respects environmental limits and supports a vibrant farming and food economy.

Brighton & Hove Fairtrade City

Brighton & Hove achieved Fairtrade City status in 2004.  This means that the Fairtrade Foundation considers that the people of the city are working towards helping farmers in the third world to be paid a decent wage and provide opportunities for their local communities to be sustainable.

More Information

Starting and registering a new food business in Brighton & Hove

Farmers’ Markets in Brighton & Hove

Visit the council’s Allotments page

For more information contact sustainability@brighton-hove.gov.uk

To contact the Food Partnership, email info@bhfood.org.uk