Garden waste collections

We're now citywide! We will collect garden waste from homes across Brighton & Hove.

  • For £52 a year, you'll get a large brown wheelie bin
  • We'll take your garden waste every two weeks (except over Christmas and New Year)

Receiving your bin and your first collection

We will deliver your bin within two weeks of you signing up. You must ensure that you store the bin on your property and not on the street.

We will give you a calendar with your collection dates for the year. Your annual subscription will start on the date of your first collection.

Other options for your garden waste

If our collection service is not for you, you can turn your garden waste into compost take it to one of our household waste recycling sites, or pay for a contractor to collect it.

What can go in my garden waste bin?

Garden waste brown wheelie binPlease put your garden waste directly into the bin, no bags should be placed in the bin. If you have any other materials in your bin we won't be able to collect it.

You can put the following directly in your garden waste bin (please don't use bags):

  • leaves
  • twigs
  • grass
  • plants
  • hedge cuttings
  • tree cuttings

We can't take:

  • food waste
  • plastic bags (waste must be loose)
  • rubbish you'd normally put in your black bags
  • bits of wood over 10cm wide
  • paper, cardboard, cans, glass, plastic bottles (these can go in your recycling)
  • stones, rubble, soil, packaging
  • food trays
  • textiles

Anything left outside your bin will not be collected. 

We’ll take the waste to a facility in East Sussex where it will be converted to compost. Watch a video to find out what happens to the garden waste we collect. 

Why are we offering a garden waste collection service?

Many residents have told us they’d be interested in this service, and that they sometimes have too much garden waste to compost at home. Research has shown that green waste can contribute heavily to recycling rates and this service will increase the recycling rates in Brighton & Hove.

You will still be able to take your garden waste to one of our household waste recycling sites and we’ll continue to offer a discount on compost bins. For more information visit our composting web page.