Communal refuse bins for blocks of flats

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Most of the blocks of flats in Brighton & Hove have communal refuse bins. They provide one main area for all the flats refuse.

Where the bins are and how to use them

Where possible we try to place the refuse bins in your bin store or by your recycling bins. We ask that you please respect your neighbours by only using the bins between 8.00am and 8.00pm.

If you are elderly, disabled or for any other reason not able to take your refuse to the bins we ask that you please speak with your managing agent, caretaker or cleaner. Unfortunately we cannot go to individual properties within blocks of flats to collect refuse or recycling.

What you can put in the bins

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The communal refuse bins are for household refuse only. They may not be collected if they contain anything that is not household waste. This includes electrical items, clothes and DIY waste. Such waste should be:

Please view our reduce your waste page if you are creating a large amount of refuse.

The service we provide

We often use these communal refuse bins when it is not possible or practical to use the wheelie bin scheme, often in large blocks of flats. The size and number of bins depends on the:

  • number of residents in the block of flats
  • storage space for the refuse bins
  • access for residents and collection staff

The bin types can range from large green wheelie bins to a number of large black metal bins. These refuse bins are collected every week.

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