Using food

Cooking with leftovers

Love your leftovers!

There are many meals you can make with the odds and ends that invariably get leftover from previous meals or forgotten in the fruit bowl or the back of the fridge... see our recipe cards below for a few ideas to get you started.

More recipes can be found at The Love Food Hate Waste website also contains a lot of delicious recipes to inspire you to make the most of the food in our fruit bowl, fridge and cupboards, surprising... there is something for everyone, whether you are a keen cook and organiser or more spontaneous.

But you don't always need a recipe - you can use whatever ingredients to have to make your own meals.

Cook the right portions

A lot of food is thrown away because of cooking too much - especially rice and pasta.

There are some very simple things you can do to make sure you're cooking the right amount - for example a quarter to half a mug of dry rice is about right for an adult and use less for a child (depending on their age). The Love food hate waste website's portion planning section has tips on cooking the right amounts of all types of food.

Even if you do cook too much - think about storing it in the fridge or freezer or using it for another meal.

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