Problems with rats?

If you're having a problem with rats in your home, we're here to help.

Our pest control service can offer you a professional and competitively priced treatment for rats at both council and private properties.

What happens when you send someone out to treat rats in my home?

Firstly, our fully trained pest control officers will survey the rat infestation in your home.

They will then perform a risk assessment, taking into account the safety of children and pets in your home. Then they will place poison bait in the most appropriate locations. 

They will then arrange a convenient time for a follow-up visit, to make sure the treatment to get rid of rats in your home has worked.

Pest control charges and fees

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Why do I have rats?

There are many reasons why you may have rats in your home or garden. They are mainly looking for food, water and warmth, and if they can find an access point into your home, then this will provide them with all three of these. Rats can also be attracted to your garden if you have a bird feeder or throw food out for other animals.

If you have a compost heap this can be a perfect nesting place for rats and they can gain access by digging underneath. Rubbish bags are also a big attraction for rats, and they will rip through bags to get to any food remains.

So it's a good idea to  ensure that there are no possible access points around your home - gaps under doors, holes around waste pipes, defective pointing and holes in air bricks, and to make sure that all food is appropriately stored, and all waste-food is in sealed containers.