Pest control fees and charges

Please note that there are no discounts or concessionary charges

Pest Details 1 to 2 bedroom property 3 to 4 bedroom property 5+ bedroom pProperty
Rats and Mice

Price includes up to 5 visits

(It may not take 5 visits to complete the job)

£77 £77 £77
Rats and Mice - Additional Visits

Any additional visits after the first five

are charged at £25 per visit

£25 £25 £25
Mice Humane Traps Includes visits every day for 10 days £260 £260 £260

Service includes the removal of squirrels

from lofts and pest-proofing advice

£150 £150 £150
Fleas Includes re-spray if first treatment is unsuccessful £71 £92 £127
Carpet Moths Includes re-spray if first treatment is unsuccessful £71 £92 £127

Price includes £26 survey charge.

Survey can be done independetly if required

£174 £231 £290
Wildlife Advice Service Includes a visit from our Pest Control Officer to give advice on prevention and proofing for wildlife £40 £40 £40
Wasps Any additional wasp nests treated at the same time will be charged at half-price £59 £59 £59
Wasp Catchers Includes three monthly visits £100 £100 £100
Fox Repellent and Advice Our Pest Control Officer will visit your garden and lay fox-repellent as well as offering advice on proofing and prevention £36 £36 £36
Domestic Call-out Fee This charge covers a one-off visit to your property from our Pest Control Officer who will offer advice on prevention and proofing. £40 £40 £40

Rate for Commercial and Business Premises

This charge is for each visit made £65 per visit £65 per visit £65 per visit

For more information, and to arrange an appointment, please contact the pest control and wildlife management service.