Problems with mice?

If you're having problems with mice in your home, we're here to help.

Our expert pest control officer offer a quick and professional service, advising you on the best way to prevent the problem and treating the infestation in your home.

What happens when you send someone out to treat mice in my home?

Firstly, our fully trained pest control officers will survey the mouse infestation in your home.

They will then perform a risk assessment, taking into account the safety of children and pets in your home. Then they will place poison bait in the most appropriate locations. 

They will then arrange a convenient time for a follow-up visit, to make sure the treatment to get rid of mice in your home has worked.

Pest control charges and fees

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House mice

The house mouse has dull greyish-brown fur, and its tail, which is the same length as its body, is thicker and scalier than that of other species of mice.

House mice are typically active at night, but will emerge during the day if food is scarce. Their sense of hearing and smell are highly developed, and communication is largely through scent. They have an extremely broad diet, incorporating most human food.

House mice are well-known pests, and can carry a number of diseases and parasites.