Local Discretionary Social Fund

The Local Discretionary Social Fund (LDSF) can help you with unexpected emergencies and essential items.

You need to live in Brighton & Hove and be eligible for a benefit or tax credit.

You could get help with:

  • getting food & groceries
  • gas and electricity payments
  • other things you might need in an emergency

It may also be able to help with essential items for your home such as:

  • beds
  • cookers
  • things to help you cook
  • other essential things you might need to live in your home

To qualify for emergency help you will need to show something unexpected has happened to you which meant you couldn't get this yourself.

To get help with essential items you will need to show you or your family may not be able to cope without them.

Other ways to apply

Along with applying online, you can apply for the local discretionary social fund:

About making a claim

How long will the claim take?

  • Emergency help requests: usually assessed within 1 working day of receiving all the information we need
  • Help with essential items requests: usually assessed within 5 working days of receiving all the information we need

How does the council make decisions?

We will look at the situation of you and your household and try to find the most effective way of helping you. This may include referring you to an advice agency for budgeting or debt advice or suggesting other agencies who may be able to help.

We cannot provide cash awards. If we do make an award from the Local Discretionary Social Fund, this could be in the form of vouchers for supermarkets, travel or furniture. Wherever possible, we will provide furniture vouchers for charities or suppliers who stock recycled goods, rather than new.

Find out where to collect your award or item.