Council Tax & Benefits online service

Change to Brighton Customer Service Centre benefit services on Tuesdays and Thursdays

From January 2018, we will be offering extra support to help you access the online services instead of offering the usual face-to-face service within the Brighton Customer Service Centre. The usual interview service will still operate every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for customers who prefer to see somebody in person.

You can use the free computers to access online services, such as:

  • Pay your Council Tax by using a credit or debit card, or set up a direct debit
  • Online forms to apply for council tax discounts and exemptions
  • Online forms to tell us you've moved
  • Online application forms for Housing Benefit (HB), Council Tax Reduction (CTR) or a Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP)
  • The ability to upload supporting documents for your HB, CTR or DHP application
  • Online HB & CTR forms to tell us about a change in your income, savings or household