Registering to vote

Registering to vote in the annual canvass

To vote in elections you must be on the Electoral Register.

Voter registration forms were sent out to every home in Brighton & Hove to update the Electoral Register. The forms were delivered between Friday 25 October 2013 and Monday 4 November.

When you receive your registration form, please respond to it as soon as possible.

The forms will be used to create the Register of Electors for 2014. This new register will be published on 17 February 2014

If you do not respond, you may not appear on the register and you could lose your right to vote.

If your home has not received a form please contact our Electoral Services team.

People who can register to vote include:

  • anyone who is 18 years old or over, or turns 18 during the life of the register
  • anyone from eligible countries (PDF 12KB) who are a British, Commonwealth, Irish Republic or European Union citizen
  • those not disqualified from registration

Completing your voter registration form

Please note that you are required by law to supply the information asked for on the form, confirming who lives in each property.

If the details on the form are correct

If there are no changes to be made to the details pre-printed on the voter registration form, you can register online or by phone.

You can also use these systems to opt out of the Edited Register or apply for a postal vote.

You will need the unique security code printed on your registration form

If you need to make other changes to the form

If there are changes to be made (other than opting out of the Edited Register or applying for a postal vote) for example if names are to be added, you should make these changes to the form, sign and return to us in the FREEPOST envelope provided.

You can let us know of any changes to who lives in the property after the annual canvas through rolling registration.

Frequently asked questions

What are the Full and Edited Register?

The Full Register is a list of everyone who is entitled to vote. Certain people and organisations including credit reference agencies can have copies of the full register. For legal reasons, it is not possible to display the full register online.

You have the choice of whether you want your name to appear on the Edited Register. This register is available for commercial sale to any person or organisation wishing to purchase a copy.

You can choose not to have your name in the Edited Register. You must do this each year by ticking the box beside your name on the Voter Registration Form.

There are people listed on my form who no longer live at the property – what should I do?

If there are people listed on the form who no longer live at the property, please cross through their names and add the names of anyone now living there who should be registered. Please also remember to add the names and dates of birth of any 16 and 17 year olds at the property to part 2 of the form.

I have children under 16, do I include their names on the form?

No, you do not need to add the names of anyone under 16.

I have recently got married/divorced and changed my name – what do I do?

Please put a line through your previous name on the form and write your new name. If you currently vote by post or proxy, we will also send you a new postal or proxy vote application form to enable you to update your signature.

I am a student or have a second home. Can I register at more than one address?

Students can register at both their home and term-time addresses. If you have a second home and you spend roughly an equal amount of time at both, you can register in both places. This means that you can vote wherever you are at the time of the election. You may vote in local elections from both addresses if they are for different local councils, as they would be classed as two separate elections. Please note that it is an offence to vote more than once in the same election, so you may only vote from one address for national elections, such as a general election.