Plan ahead for voting

The deadline to apply for a postal vote for the EU referendum is 5pm on Wednesday 8 June.

The deadline to apply for a proxy vote for the EU referendum is 5pm on Wednesday 15 June.

You can plan ahead for elections if you know that you will be unable to get to your polling station on election day, by using a postal or proxy vote. This must be arranged in advance or can be set up as a permanent option.

Please send your postal vote back to us as soon as you can, in the envelope provided. If you do not post it in time, you can hand in your postal vote to any Brighton & Hove polling station on the day of the election.

To prevent fraud, if you are registered for a postal vote you will not be able to get a ballot paper from the polling station. You must use the ballot paper that came with your postal ballot pack.

The deadline to cancel your postal vote for the EU referendum is 5pm on Wednesday 8 June. Once your postal vote is cancelled you can vote at the polling station. You may still receive a postal ballot pack (our postal ballot packs are already ordered and many have been printed and dispatched already). Please do not use the postal ballot pack after you've cancelled your postal vote. Your postal vote will not be counted.

For a postal proxy vote to allow your appointed individual to vote on your behalf in the run up to an election, please contact the Electoral Services Office on 01273 291999 or email

For more information on postal and proxy voting, please see our frequently asked questions on voting and elections.