The Electoral Register

The Electoral Register is a list of everybody within the city who is entitled to vote. It is compiled from voter registration forms that are delivered to all residential addresses in Brighton & Hove between July and October and is based on where people are living on 15 October.

On 16 October 2012 we published a new register that will be used for all elections called between 16 October 2012 and 30 November 2013.  However, it will still be possible to register after the publication of this new register - under the rolling registration process.

There is no automatic registration, even if people pay council tax.

People who can register to vote include:

  • anyone who is 18 years old or over during the life of the register
  • a British or commonwealth citizen, a citizen of the Irish Republic or other state of the European Union.  See the List of eligible countries [PDF 25kb]
  • those not disqualified from registration
  • students living away from home

There are two types of register published annually: 

The Full Register

Lists everyone who is entitled to vote. Certain people and organisations (including credit reference agencies) can have copies of the full register. For legal reasons, it is not possible to display the full register on-line. The register for the local area in which you live is available for public inspection at your nearest branch library. The full register is available at Brighton and Hove Town Halls and the two central libraries. The full register for Hove and Portslade only is also available at Portslade Neighbourhood Office, Victoria Road, Portslade.

The Edited Register

You have the option whether or not you want your name to appear on this register. It is available for commercial sale to any person or organisation wishing to purchase a copy.

For more information on the choices you have regarding the supply of your details, see the leaflet    Who has my details? [PDF 481kb]

The Register is not compiled in name order. There are 21 Wards in the city and each of these is sub-divided into Polling Districts. Electors are listed by alphabetical street order within each Polling District.