Flooding in Patcham

Advice and information for residents

The Environment Agency removed the flood warning for ground water flooding in Patcham on Sunday 23 February. We are aware that some residents are still pumping ground water but the situation is improving. The ground water level is now below 45m AOD and continues to fall. 

The information centre at the Black Lion Pub has now closed. We’d like to say thank you to everyone at the Black Lion for their warm welcome and support. 

Sandbags are being collected. Residents who wish to retain them to divert water still being pumped from flooded basements may do so.

What to do

We have not had any reports of flood water being contaminated, however residents are advised to take the following simple hygiene precautions when dealing with areas affected by flood water:

  1. Use rubber gloves and avoid contact with skin
  2. Wash down contaminated surfaces with hot water and detergent
  3. Wipe surfaces with a bleach solution, dilute one part bleach with ten parts cold water.
  4. Wash hands before eating and after contact with floodwater.
  5. If you are unwell seek advice from your GP in the usual way.
  6. Allow any pools of water to dry out.  Once areas have dried, and have been cleaned and disinfected, they are safe to use.
  7. If taps become contaminated, they should be cleaned and disinfected with diluted bleach solution, one part bleach with ten parts cold water, then left.  Run tap briefly to flush through water before using.

Get advice from the Environment Agency on what to do during a flood and read Public Health England's advice about health and flooding (PDF 5.3MB).

Help and advice

You can call our environment contact centre during office hours, Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm, on (01273) 292929. Outside of these hours you can call their out-of-hours emergency number on (01273) 292229.

This web page will continue to be updated regularly. Further queries or concerns can be sent by email to epu@brighton-hove.gov.uk.

Groundwater levels in Portslade

The groundwater level in Portslade is now falling. We will continue to monitor the level. This web page will be updated regularly as the situation changes and further queries or concerns can be sent by email to epu@brighton-hove.gov.uk.