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Brighton & Hove City Council recognises and welcomes the diversity of our city. We recognise that this is part of what makes our city great. A fair society means that people must be treated equally. We have duties to be fair and accessible in all our work – when we:

  • consider the needs of staff
  • develop and review policy
  • design, deliver and evaluate services
  • commission and buy services from others

We know that some people and places face disadvantage in our city. Some of these groups are protected in law, others are not. The law protects people from discrimination because of their characteristics

  • age – people of all ages
  • disability – mental and physical impairment and long-term conditions
  • gender reassignment - people who are trans
  • pregnancy and maternity
  • race/ethnicity – this includes all ethnic or national origins, colour or nationality, and caste
  • religion or belief – this includes people of no religion or belief
  • sex – men and women, girls and boys
  • sexual orientation – people who are heterosexual, bisexual, gay and lesbian
  • marriage and civil partnership – in relation to ending discrimination


Race equality in employment in Brighton & Hove City Council

The council recently commissioned independent experts Global HPO to examine our policies and processes and see how they affect our Black and Minority Ethnic staff. The report recognises that the council has had some significant achievements and initiatives in equality and employment but rightly challenges us to do more to meet the standards that our staff and customers expect.

Please see the Global HPO report on Race equality in the council (PDF 1.1MB). A high level action plan has been developed to indicate where the council wants and needs to be on workforce equalities in three years time. It is an indication of aspirations. A more detailed plan of action has also been produced for this year. This details the many actions that must take place during this calendar year. It lists accountable officers and officers responsible for implementation. Many of its recommendations are already being put into practice such as improving our management information, making sure that we have shared values and behaviours across the organisation and reviewing all of our staff training. Please see a full list of work already carried out (PDF 28kb).

The report and action plan was discussed at Policy and Resources Committee on 11 July 2013 and given unanimous support.

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