Customer satisfaction rates soar

97% said that they were either very satisfied or satisfied with the service provided


Visitors to Brighton & Hove City Council’s newly opened customer service centre are full of praise for staff and facilities.

A recent customer satisfaction survey has produced excellent results with 97% of visitors saying they were happy with the service they received.

The survey was completed by 354 visitors to the centre which opened in July 2011.


94% said that staff effciency was very good or good



Our new centre was designed to improve the whole customer experience, from improving privacy and providing more seating, to speeding up waiting times and efficiency.

Visitors were impressed with the spacious waiting areas and the number of staff available to deal with enquiries. One described the colour scheme as bright and happy while others said it was more accessible. Staff are described as professional, proactive and helpful.



99% thought that they'd been treated fairly and sensitively



There was praise for the ‘meeters and greeters’ who welcome customers and provide short and simple answers where possible, set up interviews or direct them to the self help area where residents can access information online.

Improvements to the building, including low energy lighting, energy saving double glazing and more efficient heating and air conditioning have also resulted in a significant reduction in its carbon footprint. The queuing system also uses state of the art thermal imaging to ‘print’ tickets rather than ink.



87% said that their query or issue had been resolved


We welcome comments and suggestions about how we can improve the service further and will be looking at ways in which we can respond to suggestions from customers. Suggestions so far have included providing facilities for children, more seating for people with disabilities and information on expected waiting times.

Find out more about the customer service centres including where they are, their opening times and which services they can help you with on our customer centres page. You can also find out about our online services by visiting our do it now page.